Board of Directors and Club Officers

The Raleigh Bridge Club is a not-for-profit organization with a vested interest in the future of duplicate bridge in the Raleigh area. Our primary purpose is to provide a friendly, viable and accessible facility for playing and improving one’s skill at all levels in the game of duplicate bridge. Our secondary purpose is to enhance learning and knowledge of the game through class offerings and lectures.

We will accomplish this mission with a commitment to making the duplicate bridge experience enjoyable and challenging for players at all skill levels; and offering opportunities for social, duplicate and tournament play that inspire passion for and interest in the game of bridge.

The RBC is sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League and is a member of the Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference, District 7, and Unit 119.

The Board meets monthly and holds an annual membership meeting in January. Dues-paying members are entitled to vote on club matters at the annual membership meeting.


Name Role Current Term Email
John Cobb President 2022 - 2024
John Gripman 2024 - 2026
Alex Hudson Tournaments 2022 - 2024
Eileen Bok Secretary 2024 - 2026
Renée Getz Hospitality 2024 - 2026
Nancy Sparks 2022 - 2024
Gil Vinzani 2023 – 2025
Ken Howard 2023 – 2025
Karen Popovich 2023 – 2025

Club Officials

Name Role Email
Barbara Hudson Club Manager
Russ Weimer Treasurer
Alex Hudson Conduct & Ethics Committee
Audrey Shull Conduct & Ethics Committee
Collins Williams Conduct & Ethics Committee
Barbara Hudson Game Director
Jay Bates Game Director
John Torrey Game Director
Barbara Hudson Mentoring Program Coordinator
Vladimir Stemkovski Open Partnership Chair
Vladimir Stemkovski NLM Partnership Chair


Click here to view RBC Bylaws Adobe PDF file