BBO Club Games

The Raleigh Bridge Club is a part of SE Carolina consortium and Florida Bridge Collective. In addition to face-to-face games on Thursdays, we hold online games every Tuesday and Sunday at 7pm.

Tuesday Open Game

  • Start time: 7 PM, Tue
  • Cost: $5.50 per person
    ($6.50 for special games)
  • Number of boards: 20-24
  • Minutes per board: 6

Sunday Open Game

  • Start time: 7 PM, Sun
  • Cost: $5.50 per person
  • Number of boards: 18
  • Minutes per board: 6

How to Join a Game

The games are held at BBO (Bridge Base Online) which you can find at Bridge Base Online - Play Online Bridge
Follow these directions to find the game, register, invite your partner and begin:

Before you play / Tips for new BBO players:

  • Log into the BBO website. (Both you and your partner must be online to register.) You will need your partner’s BBO user name. For those who have submitted their BBO names, they are listed in the RBC Directory.
  • Make sure you have BB$ on your account. You will need to have purchased BB$ for your game prior to game registration. Click on the blue BB$ tab on the top right to purchase via Paypal or credit card. Best to do this well before the game.
  • If you are new to BBO, you should check to make sure your ACBL number is correct on BBO. To do that go to the blue "Featured Areas" tab again and select "ACBL World". On the ACBL World page, down towards the bottom in blue, is an "Update Your ACBL Number" tab. Click on that and you will see your number. You may note that BBO shows the first digit of your number as a letter. That is OK - it just indicates what level you are.
  • It is best if you develop a convention card for the partner you are playing with. From the Home page to do this, select "Account" from the banner at the far left. On the Account page in the white banner at the top , select "Convention Card". That will present a blank convention card that you can complete and label for future use.

How to register

  • Log into BBO together with your partner sometime between 5 PM and 6.45 PM to register for a game
  • Look for the blue “Featured Areas” tab
  • Select “Virtual Clubs".
  • Under Virtual Clubs, select "ACBL - North America".
  • Under ACBL Virtual Clubs select "Pending" in the upper left corner. Look for the “Raleigh SE Carolina” game (the game will not be visible until 2 hours before the game). There is a search box in the upper right hand corner if you do not see it..
  • Select that game and a box asking you for your partner's BBO name and confirming payment.
  • You will receive a message that you are registered.
  • Make sure you are back online at least 5 minutes before game time … BBO will kick you off after several minutes of inactivity.
  • Please register early for games whenever possible.

During a game

  • Alerts: BBO requires you alert your own bids by clicking on the Alert tab and typing in your explanation .. transfer, 15-17, NMF .. both announcements and alerts.
  • You may ask what a bid means by clicking on the bid. If you see a box pop up - EXPLAIN: _________ you should answer ASAP.
  • You may not chat with your partner while you have cards in your hand.
  • Claim as often as possible as your rounds are timed. You will see time remaining on the left hand side of the screen.

General information

  • Both you and your partner should be online 5 minutes before game time and the BBO system will remove you unless you verify you are still online.
  • When the game starts you will be seated automatically. If your partner is NOT online when the game starts, you will be unable to play.
  • After the game begins, you will be reseated automatically if your internet connection fails.
  • Players are expected to post a convention card and this should be done in advance.

Useful resources