Zero Tolerance

All RBC games observe the ACBL Zero Tolerance policy for unacceptable behavior. If a player behaves in an unacceptable manner, the director should be called immediately. Annoying behavior, embarrassing remarks, or any other conduct that might interfere with the enjoyment of the game is specifically prohibited. The director has the authority to assess disciplinary penalties.

Score Corrections

Players are highly encouraged to check their scores and submit corrections right after the game before leaving the club.

Corrections may be submitted on the next day, but they must be verified by opponents and submitted within 24 hours period.

Please include the following information:
1. Date of the game
2. Board #
3. NS and EW pair #s
4. Contract and old score
5. Correction

Email the request to the the director with a cc to your opponents.

Bid Box Alerts and Announcements

When using bid boxes, the RBC requires players to tap the Alert strip (or remove the Alert card from the box) and say “Alert” at the same time.

When making an Announcement, use the Announcement word (such as “transfer”).

A player who Alerts or Announces a bid must make sure his opponents are aware than an Alert or Announcement has been made.

Convention Cards

Each player is required to have a convention card filled out legibly and on the table throughout a session. Both cards of a partnership must be identical and include the first and last names of each member of the partnership.

If a director determines that neither player has a substantially completed card, the partnership may play only the Standard American Yellow Card and may use only standard carding. This restriction may be lifted only at the beginning of a subsequent round after convention cards have been properly prepared and approved by the director.

Electronic Devices

Except for health-related equipment, or by permission of the director, cell phones, audible pagers or similar equipment may not be operated or operable in any manner in the playing area during a session of play. Any such equipment must not be visible during the session.

Slow Play

Slow play, as opposed to careful or thoughtful play, is discourteous to your opponents—and to all other competitors as well. Players and pairs who take more than their allotted time are subject to penalty.

In general, pairs who are rarely late will be warned while pairs who are habitually tardy and/or pay no attention to time limits will be penalized.