About Us

Founded in 1938, the Raleigh Bridge Club has always attracted a mix of players of all ages and experience levels, who enjoy a friendly and challenging game of bridge.  We sponsor weekly and monthly club-level games and three sectional tournaments each year.

We believe there are a number of things that make the RBC unique among area bridge clubs:

  • We offer games to suit every player.
    • Play and Review is ideal for rubber bridge players who want to try duplicate bridge; players who are returning to bridge after some years away; or beginning players who want to practice their new skills. Partnerships are guaranteed. The game is usually consists of 5 rounds (3 boards each). After each round an instructor reviews one of the boards and answers questions.
    • Non-Life-Master Pairs is for players somewhat more experienced in duplicate bridge who have no more than 499 Masterpoints. A fun game in which to play as you work to improve your duplicate skills. LMs or those with 500 or more points can play but neither they nor their partners can earn MPs.
    • Social Bridge Games have many elements of duplicate bridge games (bid boxes, prepared boards) but will not have directors, will not be formally scored or qualify for master points. Our intent is to give beginners more experience in play with peers in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We will provide at least one proctor/coach to help with questions, partnerships, and moving things along.
    • Open Pairs is for players of all levels.  It is ideal for the improving duplicate player and the regular duplicate bridge player alike.
    • Open & NLM Swiss Teams are offered on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  They are a fun alternative to pairs games.
    • Mentoring Pairs are offered on the 5th Tuesday and 5th Thursday of each month.  Mentors and mentees play together with a focus on coaching and knowledge transfer.
    • Eight is Enough Swiss Teams is offered one Sunday each month in partnership with the Triangle Bridge Club.
  • We offer more player education programs than any other club in the area—bridge lessons, pre-game lectures, mentoring programs, and the active promotion of learning at the table.
  • We use pre-duplicated hands, so our games begin right on time.  When you finish playing, printouts are available of every deal and the makeable contracts for each deal.
  • Results and hand records are posted on the RBC website.  See results by pair, by board or by the frequency of result.
  • Most of RBC games award extra masterpoints (Junior Fund, ACBL charity, local charity, NAP qualifiers, GNT qualifiers, STaC, club championships, etc.).
  • We have a comfortable, well-appointed playing facility with optional covered parking and indoor access to a coffee bar and to several restaurants.