About Us

Founded in 1938, the Raleigh Bridge Club has always attracted a mix of players of all ages and experience levels, who enjoy a friendly and challenging game of bridge. We sponsor weekly and monthly club-level games and three sectional tournaments each year.

We believe there are a number of things that make the RBC unique among area bridge clubs:

  • We offer games to suit every player.
    • Play and Review is ideal for rubber bridge players who want to try duplicate bridge; players who are returning to bridge after some years away; or beginning players who want to practice their new skills. Partnerships are guaranteed. The game is usually consists of 5 rounds (3 boards each). After each round an instructor reviews one of the boards and answers questions.
    • Open Pairs is for players of all levels. It is ideal for the improving duplicate player and the regular duplicate bridge player alike.
    • Open & NLM Swiss Teams are offered on the 4nd Thursday of each odd month (January, March, May, July, September, and November). They are a fun alternative to pairs games.
    • Mentoring Pairs are offered on the 4th Thursday of each even month (February, April, June, August, October, December). Mentors and mentees play together with a focus on coaching and knowledge transfer.
  • We offer more player education programs than any other club in the area—bridge lessons, pre-game lectures, mentoring programs, and the active promotion of learning at the table.
  • We use pre-duplicated hands, so our games begin right on time. When you finish playing, printouts are available of every deal and the makeable contracts for each deal.
  • Results and hand records are posted on the RBC website. See results by pair, by board or by the frequency of result.
  • Most of RBC games award extra masterpoints (Junior Fund, ACBL charity, local charity, NAP qualifiers, GNT qualifiers, STaC, club championships, etc.).
  • We have a comfortable, well-appointed playing facility with optional covered parking and indoor access to a coffee bar and to several restaurants.