Social Bridge Games

We are delighted to announce a new game that we will be starting November 19th at RBC. We have found over the last year that the new bridge classes we have been teaching are necessary but not sufficient for most participants to make the jump to the NLM games at RBC. One class does not cover enough to make most participants NLM game ready. The Board has been debating what to do to "bridge" that gap and facilitate beginning bridge class graduates expanding their skills so that those who choose to, can ultimately and comfortably make the transition to our NLM games.

The solution we have developed is to have two beginner/social bridge games a month on the first and third Tuesday of each month (except January and February 2020 when the games will be held on the first and third Thurday). The games will go from 7:00 to 9:00 PM and cost to the player will be $5. Partners are guaranteed so that all an interested player has to do is show up. This game will not impact the Open or NLM games.

These new games will have many elements of duplicate (bid boxes, prepared boards) but will not have directors, will not be formally scored or qualify for master points. Our intent is to give beginners more experience in play with peers in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We will provide at least one proctor/coach to help with questions, partnerships, and moving things along. In addition our plan is to have pregame lectures once a month to help the beginners expand their skills and knowledge of conventions.

We are very excited about this new game as it will hopefully increase interest in bridge in general and ultimately will expand the membership in our Club, hopefully in a significant way. We have run this by a number of beginning bridge players and there appears to be significant interest. Please help us spread the word about the new games. It is intended for players who have taken at least one bridge class or have the equivalent experience.