Eight Is Enough Swiss Teams

The Raleigh Bridge Club in partnership with the Triangle Bridge Club proudly offers a monthly Eight is Enough Swiss Teams game.

In an Eight is Enough game teams may be comprised of more than Eight points.  Flight A players count as 3 points, Flight B players count as 2 points and Flight C players count as 1 point.  Basically, for each A player on your team you must have a C player.

Eight is Enough helps us:

  • Collaborate with our friends in Durham and Orange Counties.
  • Encourage players to invite players from other strats to play on teams together.
  • Level the field and keep the focus on fun.

Eight is Enough Swiss Teams are held once a month on a Sunday afternoon.  The date floats from month to month to avoid falling on nearby tournament dates.  Games are played at the Triangle Bridge Club, 5110 Revere Road in Durham.