Henry Kuhn Games

Raleigh Bridge Club holds quarterly Henry Kuhn game for NLM players. Henry hopes to encourage newer players to get involved with the Club so let's make his dream come true by coming out and competing for the Championship trophy.

There are trophies for all three stratifications (A, B and C) so you have a chance to win an award, even if you are a beginner!!

The results will be counted towards the overalls for 2019 - yes, players who did best during three Henry Kuhn NLM games in 2019 will get recognized at our yearly Celebration party in January!

2019 top 5:

  1. 2.20 - Renee Getz
  2. 2.20 - Jeanne Trenery
  3. 1.91 - Scott Korbin
  4. 1.79 - Eileen Bok
  5. 1.59 - Pat Heavner